New tool helps farmers achieve their sustainable agriculture ambitions

Commonland landscape partner has developed the BoerenWijzer, a tool based on the 4 Returns framework, to help farmers define, achieve and measure their sustainable agriculture goals.


The BoerenWijzer shows how well a farming company scores on sustainable themes grouped in six categories: Soil, Climate & Water, Flora & Fauna, Animal & Feed, Operations and Society.

It has been specifically developed for regenerative agriculture in the peat meadow area and uses 4 Returns to provide a holistic view that also takes into account, for example, farmer recognition and appreciation and job satisfaction.

The BoerenWijzer provides insight into where farmers are in their transition. It focuses on learning and goal-setting by offering inspiration and showing which steps can be taken to make the company more sustainable on certain topics.

The farmer determines in which categories he or she is motivated to change and in which he or she wants to excel. This approach ensures that a diversity of companies is created, which reinforces what they are good at while meeting the needs of the environment and local communities.

For each theme, goals can be set for a more regenerative business. For example, one person would like to reduce the use of fertiliser (Soil), another sees opportunities for meadow bird management and nest protection (Flora & Fauna), or a farmer decides to open a shop, campsite or walking path for visitors (Society).

The BoerenWijzer was conceived and designed in collaboration with Humboldt Environmental Systems and is part of a larger digital infrastructure, the

The tool’s prototype was developed with Grutto and its further development is taking place in close collaboration with several farmers.

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