Programme Developer India

Commonland is in the process of setting itself up for a major upscale of activities following our new long-term strategy. As part of this process, we are currently looking for a programme manager to join our team of multi-disciplinary and entrepreneurial colleagues.


The main priority for this full-time position will be to establish and lead our holistic landscape restoration programme in central India (with a focus on agroforestry and rural development) with our partners IKEA Foundation and The Nature Conservancy India. There will be many opportunities for personal and professional growth in breadth and depth.


The position

In central India, we have partnered with IKEA Foundation and The Nature Conservancy India to establish and implement a holistic, bottom-up landscape restoration programme, with a focus on agroforestry and rural development. The aim of the programme is to lift vulnerable tribal groups and smallholder farmers out of poverty, by supporting them in restoring their landscape and in developing 4 returns value chains for their (forest) products. The programme is unique in its strong communication component; Commonland and IKEA Foundation are creating a full-length documentary that will span the programme from start to finish.

We are in the process of finalising the preliminary studies for this programme, and are looking for a motivated and experienced programme leader to join our team and take the lead in setting up and running the programme.

You will be working from our head office based in up-and-coming Amsterdam Noord (easy to reach by public transport and by car), and will travel to the landscape for extended periods of time on a frequent basis. We build local capacity as soon as possible, so you will be the linking pin between our implementing partners on the ground and our relatively small head office in Amsterdam. While the establishment of the programme in central India will be your main priority, there are opportunities to grow into other landscapes and to help build our professional programme development organisation as well.

During the early stages of the programme you will interact directly with local stakeholders (from farmers to government) to build strategic partnerships and support for the programme.


The ideal candidate

  • Do you have a Master’s degree, and demonstrable experience in establishing and managing complex multi-stakeholder programmes in landscape restoration and/or rural development?
  • Are you familiar with the complexities of working in Central India?
  • Do you have experience in building, guiding and supporting a local team from a distance?
  • Do you believe holistic landscape restoration is the most important work of our time?
  • Do you want to join our multi-disciplinary team of entrepreneurial colleagues in Amsterdam?
  • Do you live in the Netherlands, preferably near Amsterdam, or are you willing to relocate?
  • Do you want to help build our professional programme development organisation?


If you have any questions regarding this position please contact Bas van Dijk, Otherwise send your motivation and CV to Jos Meijer (Recruiter at Commonland, before February 29th. Let us know why you believe you have what it takes to fill this position!