Carbon Project Specialist


Commonland Foundation is an international system change developer of large-scale landscape restoration projects. We bring solutions to increase biodiversity, combat climate change, boost regenerative agriculture and revitalise communities – all at the landscape scale. Our mission: to transform 100 million hectares of degraded landscapes before 2040, together with other landscape partners, farmers, policymakers, businesses, NGOs, and investors. To make this happen, we have developed the ‘4 Returns Framework’. This practical and holistic approach to transforming degraded ecosystems into vibrant landscapes and communities focuses on 4 key Returns supported by landscape zones over a single generation or 20 years.


As a growing organisation, we identify ourselves using three core values:


  1. Empower each other – We empower and challenge ourselves and colleagues and provide them with the needed support to grow.
  2. Honesty & Compassionate – We are interested in understanding the other and teasing out misunderstandings if and when they occur.
  3. Put words into action – We say what we do: proactive information sharing and gathering. A lot of our work is relevant across teams and relies on cross-team collaboration.


As a Carbon Project Specialist, you will play a vital role in all technical aspects of Commonland’s carbon projects, which are mainly related to Landscape Restoration (Agriculture, Forestry, and Other Land Use/ AFOLU).


You will be responsible for developing new carbon methodologies, developing carbon offset projects (Nature Based Solutions; NBS) under a suitable carbon standard and as well supporting the implementation (MRV) of these projects in the field.


Your responsibilities

  • The development, implementation, and management of Commonland’s carbon projects, related to landscape restoration and sustainable development, such as Afforestation, Reforestation and Revegetation (ARR), Agricultural Land Management (ALM), Improved Forest Management (IFM), Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD), Avoided Conversion of Grasslands and Shrublands (ACoGS), Wetlands Restoration and Conservation (WRC) and Improved Cookstoves. Additionally, any other complementary carbon project model that would benefit the sustainable development of local communities would also be covered in this role.
  • Leading/drafting feasibility studies, new carbon accounting methodologies, Project Design Documents (PDD), and supporting Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) under different carbon standards (The Gold Standard, Verra, Plan Vivo or any other eligible international, national, or local carbon standard scheme)
  • The development and implementation of a robust methodology for the certification of Commonland’s 4 Returns carbon co-benefits to ensure biodiversity, social outcomes and to create a price-premium for carbon credits
  • Define and plan content and structure to support the certification of the carbon projects: work plans, work schedules, budgets and deliverables, and schedule technical reviews and quality checks
  • Support the Head of Carbon to prepare project proposals and deliverables in consultation with the Landscape Development & Support (LDS) team and stakeholders
  • Keep the team members (collaborators) informed of their progress in the project and remind them to stay within the time and budget agreed
  • Conduct site visits and travel to project locations whenever needed
  • Be a key point of contact and maintain a good relationship with the team members inside the organisation, carbon standards, project owners, authorities (national, regional, and local), clients, validation and verification bodies, and other counterparts
  • Create understanding among colleagues and stakeholders of what is needed on the technical side to develop carbon projects
  • Setting up (and follow up) internal procedures regarding all carbon projects
  • Ensure that all collaborators receive ongoing training and that they have the necessary skills and tools to perform their work
  • Keep general information, milestones, and cash flow up to date in the projects


Your experience

You are highly passionate and thrive in an environment where three core values are lived every day: Empower each other and perform in an honest & compassionate environment where words are put into action.


You are copped with the capacity to solve complex project-related challenges independently, you are rigorous, and organised, and feel comfortable working in an international and multicultural team.


You also bring in:

  • An academic background in Agriculture, Forestry, Environmental Sciences, or any other relevant field of study
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in carbon offset project development, carbon methodology design, and carbon project implementation within Nature-Based Solutions linked to the voluntary carbon market
  • Excellent knowledge of carbon standards and carbon offset methodologies (CDM, Gold Standard, VCS, Plan Vivo…) in the NBS sector.
  • Knowledge of modelling of carbon stocks and fluxes in an agricultural landscape (particularly in soil)
  • Strong existing networks in the NBS field
  • Experience and interest in stakeholders’ engagement and management
  • Skills in statistics, database management, GIS, and remote sensing are highly appreciated
  • Proficiency with MS Office
  • Excellent verbal and written proficiency in English. French, Spanish and Dutch would be a big plus


We are working together with Acre on this position. Please apply via Dulce Flores at