Building a new balance between ecology, economics and hope

The world’s landscapes and ecosystems are degrading at an unprecedented pace. It’s in our common interest to build resilient landscapes, restore healthy ecosystems and create regenerative businesses for generations to come.


Now more than ever, the world needs viable solutions based on social and ecological needs, science and entrepreneurship. For this to happen, we need a practical holistic approach that everybody understands.

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4 Returns

4 Returns: a holistic and practical framework that acts as the common language of global landscape restoration.

4 Returns is a science-based framework that is proven in practice. Developed in close collaboration with leading scientific institutes, business schools, farmers and experts, 4 Returns transforms degraded ecosystems by focusing on 4 key returns over the course of a single generation (20 years).

Giving people hope and a sense of purpose.
Social Capital
Bringing back jobs, business activity, education and security.
Natural Capital
Restoring biodiversity, soil, water quality and capturing carbon.
Financial Capital
Realising long-term sustainable profit.

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An inspiring article explaining how our partner AlVelAl is succeeding with regenerative agriculture schemes.

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Village in the middle of olive groves and badlands in our Spanish landscape. Photo: Erica ten Broeke.

1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People: a radical collaboration

In this initiative, convened by EcoAgriculture Partners, we are joining forces with dozens of organizations worldwide to enable landscape partnerships to achieve their regenerative landscape and livelihood ambitions more quickly, effectively and at scale­­­.

Annual Report 2020

By all means, we will not easily forget 2020 as it was COVID-19’s first year. A pandemic that, like an inverted magnifying glass, opened the world’s eyes to the relationship between deforestation, natural degradation, zoonosis, healthcare and local food production. Ecosystems form the basis of our existence. They provide us with food, water, clean air, a stable climate, and a pleasant living environment. Without a balance between nature and people, we cannot exist.